Reduce Costs: Go Virtual

Businesses have a lot of moving parts and a lot of devices to help it run. Due to technological advancements, it’s almost impossible to keep data safe and use it well if it is only located in one place. SysIntegrators uses virtualization as a tool to help manage and support important data and applications within your business. Virtualization is an awesome way for businesses to save money on hardware while also maximizing the resources they already have. When one powerful machine acts as several, you can get a lot more bang for your buck while also reducing capital expenses, operating costs, minimizing downtime, and increasing productivity across the board.

The simple definition of virtualization would be creating a virtual version of something that already exists, in our case that would be computer hardware. With virtualization, you can run many computers and applications, consolidated onto a handful of physical machines. This can help increase productivity greatly because it makes a large and complex system a little less confusing.

VMware promises to give users the ability “to run, manage, connect, and protect all of their apps on any cloud–so they can reduce costs, gain efficiencies, and innovate faster” and it is also the most powerful and cost-efficient virtualization service. We use it, because it is the best!

We provide top-to-bottom virtualization services using vSphere and vCloud through our partnership with the industry leader in virtualization, VMware. Our services include:

• Server and desktop virtualization

• Network virtualization

• Data center virtualization

• Virtual backups

• Custom virtualization solutions



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