Document Management. Redefined.

M-Files is our preferred document management system that we guarantee will improve your business. M-Files takes document management to the next level with their integrations and detailed user interface. It uses cutting edge technology to help you find the document you’re looking for based on the content of the file itself. M-Files uses artificial intelligence to distinguish between the documents you need, and what should be put to the side.

A popular feature that our clients love is that M-Files allows them to access their documents and files from anywhere, on any device. Even if you’re home or travelling, you will always have access to your offices valuable documents. There is no need to email a file to yourself for you to reference it later, when you have access to your entire offices data library directly from your phone.

M-Files offer plenty of integration with existing software such as: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Sharepoint, Salesforce, SAP, DocuSign, and more! With easy integration and a simple way of sharing documents, M-Files offers great possibilities when it comes to collaboration and completing group tasks.



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