Linux and UNIX Operating Systems

Going Custom? Go Open-Source

If you’re interested in Linux or UNIX, you probably want a custom, flexible, and affordable solution made to fit your unique needs. Our engineers are among the best in the business and are experts in supporting the various versions of UNIX & Linux. We offer a variety of Linux and UNIX operating systems for the small sophisticated business all the way to the massive enterprise.

Our expertise with SCO (now Xinuos) Unix products such as SCO OpenServer 5, OpenServer 6 or UnixWare 7 is unmatched.  While this remains an operating system that’s been around forever, it’s one of the most reliable and widely used Unix operating systems around.  We provide full onsite and remote service for SCO operating systems and have a great relationship with Xinuos so we can get answers to even the trickiest support issues if we ever need it.

We are also very capable in supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux and most other Linux variants, including CentOS, SUSE Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. If your application runs on Linux, then you should get the support of a company who focuses on it.  We are very well versed in integrating Red Hat into Windows environments.

The Linux/UNIX products we specialize in are:

• SCO Open Server 5 and 6

• UnixWare 7

• OpenUnix 8

• Red Hat Enterprise Linux

We are experts in Cloud, Virtualization, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Network Security and UNIX & Linux

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