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We’re here to focus on technology while you focus on business. We’re not just a technology provider, we’re a partner who wants to help your company hit its goals, find more customers, and increase profits.

We’re dedicated to one thing: making technology simple for you. We can find you the perfect hardware and software solutions and help with simple things like email all the way to more advanced things like cloud strategy, network security, and more.

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Cloud Computing & Virtualization

SCO Cloud  We’ve focused so closely on cloud computing that our owner decided to build a whole new company around it. In early 2011, SCO Cloud was formed to give customers and other system integrators the ability to provide 100 percent uptime, extremely fast performance, and second-to-none support. We’re proud to say we’ve weathered two hurricanes (Irene and Sandy) with zero packet loss and 100 percent uptime. Please visit SCO Cloud for more information on cloud and hosting solutions provided by an affordable, top-quality cloud provider. 

Dell SonicWALL & Network Security

SonicWALL Gold PartnerOur engineers are experts in SonicWALL-based network security. If you are looking to deploy a SonicWALL firewall, SSL VPN Remote Access Appliance, or Anti-Spam Email Security appliance, call us and we’ll lend a hand with whatever you need. We also provide network support with a special focus on security. We can simplify even the most complex network setups to ensure security and usability. Call us to see how we can help with your company's network security.  

SCO Unix & Linux

UnXis LogoSCO Premier PartnerRed Hat LinuxUnlike many other providers, we support Windows and many other options. Our expertise with SCO UNIX products is unmatched and we also provide support for a huge array of Linux distributions (Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, SUSE Linux, Ubuntu, Debian,etc.).If you need onsite or remote service for SCO operating systems, or integration of Windows and Linux environments, our experts can help.